Supercharge your winning Guts!


Welcome to BitSPort™, a first of its kind decentralized eSPorts betting platform powered by BitPlay™. We are on a quest to leveling up the gaming and eSports; making it a viable, respectable career path.

BitSporttm is a place where gamers can come together to make real decisions about their favorite eSport games, events and eSports personalities, place bets and engage with the gamers without risks related to traditional gambling. Every bet is secured via Blockchain Smart Contracts and therefore there’s no risk of fraud or failure, unlike with many other eSports betting platforms out there.

BitSport™ also doubles as an easy, safe way of exposing users to cryptocurrencies. It’s a gateway to bringing Blockchain into the daily lives of eSports followers without having to go through multiple exchanges or reading up a bunch of instructions and guides.

There are huge number of live eSports events throughtout the year, 24/7 live support, fabulous VIP hostesses, great promotions for all of our players and most importantly, extremely fast payouts!

The BitSport™ platform's primary staking currency is "BTP" (BitPlay™). BitPlay is the one of the first ever decentralized gaming ecosystem leveling up the gaming industry harnessing the power of the Blockchain.

A,B,C instructions to start betting!

To begin using the BitSport™ platform: 

A: Make a deposit using cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, DASH or LTC.

B: After deposit convert your deposit balance to BTP from your wallet page.

C: Start betting on your favourtite eSPorts events.

Cashing out your Winnings

BitSPort™ utilizes secured blockchain smart contract to handle bets, your winnings are denomited in the platform's primary currency "BTP" . The BitSPort™ platforms allows for instant liquidity, as secured instant exchange to other cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, DASH and LTC could be performed from the wallet section.