About BitSport

Until this decade, gaming has been considered a fun thing, as every game evolves so does the economic incentives behind it, football soccer as an evolved game of sports is highly monetized and has reached an unimaginable peak till this date in which it’s players are enormously incentivized and highly paid. eSports is undeniably the future of gaming. In the current digital era, over 2.2 billion people around the world now participate one form of gaming or the other in which eSports and mobile gaming are the main dominant of this age.

Study shows 7 out of 10 people who tried a new game they love become addicted and tend to spend significant hours everyday to play. Gamers now spend more time and money than ever participating in their favorite games BUT one thing is lacking as compared with conventional games such as Soccer - Gamers and enthusiasts are under-incentivized in rare cases and NO incentives at all in most cases. 

Game developers, Big Gaming companies and advertisers are the only benefactors in the gaming ecosystem, meanwhile the gamers whom are the lifeblood of the ecosystem are meant to spend their time, sweats, restlessness and hard earned money on games, but the only reward they get are in-game coins which can’t be used to buy hmm.. let’s say a lemonade or maybe could be accepted to pay a due rent - hmm, that’s terrible, but wait this coins were earned with blood, sweat and money in some cases, so the question remains why anyone can’t buy lemonades with them - it just doesn’t work!


Hey there! - don’t be sad, that’s all about to change if you signup to become part of a decentralized and community driven gaming ecosystem.

BitSport is enabling gamers all round the world earn tangibility while they do what they love. BitSport is one of the first ever decentralized and community driven gaming ecosystem, a discovery platform for upcoming enthusiasts whom are training their way to becoming one of the Greatest Of All Time (GOAT).

Incentivized Tournaments and Championships:

Competitions create economic values, same is true in real life and in the virtual world. BitSport features several competitive titles such as the:

BitSport Open Online Tournament (BOOT)

The BOOT title is the first official tournament   on BitSport which allows gamers from anywhere in the world to enter into competitive divisions which after they emerge winners they advance to a promoted division, every division comes with its earning potential in several forms:

Play earnings
Stake earnings
Rank rewards etc.

BitSport GOAT Ultimate Championship (GOAT)

The GOAT Championship is a professional league which allows pro players in different game titles such as DOTA, EA FIFA, APEX, FORTNITE, COUNTERSTRIKE and others to participate and battle for the Greatest Of All Time Championship title.

BitPlay & BTP

For every country there is a currency, for every game there is a Coin, BitPlay is a cryptocurrency protocol which serves as the acceptable and global currency for its decentralized gaming ecosystem and also an in-game utility coin for emerging decentralized or peer to peer games built using the PlayChain SDK.

What makes BitPlay unique from every coin earned on games is its ability to be traded for other currencies such as the US Dollar, Euro other currencies and cryptocurrencies. The potentials of BitPlay coin (BTP) is endless in the gaming landscape and finally the precept of gaming would take a new form.

Join in on this revolution and raise your gaming to the next level!